You want their attention.

You need their attention.

Without it, your marketing flatlines. Your business goes belly up. Their attention is our oxygen and we pay and beg for it like we’re drowning. There never seems to be enough of it and the price of attention is going up.

Yet, there are a few, an unlikely few who seem to attract a consistent stream of it. They’ve captured your attention and they captured mine. They don’t need to pay for it and more seems to be thrown their way.

About the Host

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Dan Sanchez

Director of Audience Growth

Hi, 👋 I’m Dan Sanchez.

Friends call me Danchez. 😉

I'm the Director of Audience Growth at Sweet Fish and the host of this show.

I help B2B brands build audiences because, without one, you have to pay or beg somebody else to talk to theirs. If you want the leverage in your industry, you need to build your own to grow your reach, relevance, and revenue.